Ruel currently provides private guitar lessons @ Long & McQuade and World of Music & Arts.


· ClassicalRCM Grade 1 to ARCT, audition preparation for Post-Secondary Institutions
· Jazzchord extensions, advanced scales, arpeggios, improvisation, chart reading, chord solos
· Blues12 bar blues form, turnarounds, pentatonic scales, blue notes, chord substitutions
· Folkopen chords, capo use, common strum patterns, open tunings, chord ornamentations
· Acousticalternate tunings, slap techniques, harp harmonics
· Rock – bar chords, power chords, pentatonic Scales, soloing
· Metaleconomy and alternate picking, solo analysis, speed development, sweeping, modes
· Music Theory RCM Preliminary Rudiments to Grade 4 Counterpoint, preparation for post-secondary entrance exams
· Composition basic chord progressions, arranging, approaches to melody, harmony and rhythm, theoretical options for song development